Wind Beneath The Wings

I was inspired by an image from Alayna Kaelyn, a photographer and writer, from Seattle Washington. I downloaded her photo and designed the graphics. Then I wrote this quote for inspiration. Be the bridge between the faith and hope, be the wind beneath the wings.


The Autumn

In autumn,the mist swathes the scarlet pimpernel, the breeze blows softly, stretch your arms wide and run freely in the openness. Run, run in the rain. let your clothes soaked. Feel, feel free, feel the rain on your skin, feel the earth, listen to her music.


The Autumn Mist

The side effect of too much coffee: Soon you will find that place where the autumn mist will moisturize, the rain will pour, the storm will stir inside you. You will be happy there, you will be free, you will find the inspiration to love again.

The Quickening 1024

The Quickening of Sirius

Vanquished grievously scourged in torment of eternal flame he rises from smoldering ash spreads his wings around anguish into the center of eternal damnation to seek the treasure of hope the sustenance of life. — Adrian Hoe, January 1, 2016.


Angel and Demon — Resurgent

When angel from heaven descends to hell she brings the soul of the demonic Sirius she will rise him up again from the eternal flame of hell she will breathe flesh to his bones she will liberate his heart and mind she will caress and nurture his fiery soul and when two hearts beat as…


夜雨清风问虚寒,一壶普洱伴君作。– 贺文耀2010年2月8日著。


一时心血来潮,写了一首诗《 秋风夜吟》。这可是我第一首中文诗,献丑了! 秋风轻拂又一载,回首笑看众愚痴。 奴面不如花面好,江湖恩怨今秋了。 云鬓斜簪春欲放,仰首挺胸迎彤霞。 龙虎鹤功悲新竹,学问功名笑野梅。 老夫高歌轻俗世,秋风伴我饮一杯。 --贺文耀 2007年12月26日著。