May 5 — Skyfall

  This is the end, feel the earth move and then hear our hearts burst again. This is the moment we, Malaysians are waiting for. Today, let the skyfall, when it crumbles, we will stand tall! Today, is the electoral voting day for all Malaysians. Today, is the day we all Malaysians are longing for….


The Eve — Relaxing at home the whole day watching Facebook and Twitter streams. Received a call around 8:15PM to ask me to collect my Counting Agent pass. Rushed to the service center at downtown, collected my pass then filled up my car’s gas tank and came home. Time to retire now.


Two Days Before GE13 — No mood to work today but I still managed to finished some minor tasks and shoot some food photographs.



针对面子书里一些网民把独立候选人批评为“青蛙”的言论是一项很不公平和不负责任的愚蠢行为。我要在这里为像李映霞和沈同钦这样一心为民的独立候选人平反。 第一,不是只有独立候选人才是“青蛙”在当选后会跳槽。请记住当年许月凤可是民主行动党的中选人,她在当选后不久就跳槽到国阵。有谁能担保这次民主行动党的中选人不会跳槽? 第二,身为马来西亚公民,任何人都有权成为候选人。这是民主制度和法律赐于的民主权力。这些无知愚蠢的网民无理地攻击独立候选人相等于剥削了独立候选人的民主权。何谓民主自由?这些无知和愚蠢的网民反映了我国教育制度所教育出来的一群对政治、民主、自由一无所知的笨蛋。 第三,这些无知愚蠢的网民的攻击性言论不但只剥削了独立候选人的民主权利,还对独立候选人做出了人身攻击。这是非常不理智、不成熟和不负责任的行为。借用最近在网上负面走红的“堆屎姐“的比喻--就像拉了一堆屎拍拍屁股就走一样。 独立候选人是”青蛙“是一个毫无根据、蛮横无理的谬论。


First Experience As A Polling Agent

This Malaysia GE13 (13th General Election) which falls on May 5, 2013 will be a turning point for the entire nation. For the first time after 55 years, majority of the people from all walks of life, races and religions put down the differences to fight for a better Malaysia and new government. They are…

A Political Tsunami

A political tsunami is happening right now in Malaysia. Today is the polling day for the 12th General Election in Malaysia. The People’s Front (Opposition Parties) is taking on the ruling coalition (National Front) by storm. The People’s Front will be forming a new government in Penang which had been ruled by the ruling coalition…