An Inside Story About Major Depression — Part 2

Depression is an equal opportunity disease. Whether you are rich or poor, educated or not, happily married or not, beautiful or not, you may contract ‪#‎depression‬ at some point in your life. This inside story is about Julie Hersh had it all: a beautiful family, a loving husband, financial freedom – and depression so severe she nearly…

An Inside Story About Major Depression — Part 1

Despite major depression, Thor Harris drums for The Swans and other bands. He succeeds and inspires through music, art, exercise and a community of friends. For more information about my mental health startup, please visit mind

Sophia Yin

Another Tragic Death

I read about another tragedy of depression and suicide case on Huffington Post last Friday. A 48 year-old Dr. Sophia Yin committed suicide on Sunday September 28. She was one of the world’s highly respected and important veterinary behaviorists. Dr. Yin was a pioneer in the field of stress-free, positive-reinforcement dog training. She took her own…


Robin Williams

After visiting Cyberport (Hong Kong) in the morning, Jo, Silvia and I were on our way to visit The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and I read the news about the death of Robin Williams. According to the news, Robin committed suicide on the morning of August 11 at his home in Paradise Cay, California….