Yummy bread!

LA baked another loaf of bread this morning to make garlic bread for Dmitry’s birthday party tonight. This is the second loaf of bread she baked since our Princess’s bread maker is back last Friday. LA baked a milk bread. The house was full of fresh bread aroma.

Nice bread!

Finally, our Princess bread maker was back last Friday. The authorized service center, Pensonic, had its service man to deliver to our home. Read about the stories here and here. Today, we woke up with a loaf of fresh and hot wholemeal bread.

Dead twice!

Our Princess bread maker came back yesterday from Pensonic service center after almost 4 weeks of warranty claim. Read about the first warranty claim here. According to the service center, they had baked a cake to test if it was working. So, I went home with the bread maker happily. But when I was coaching…

Our Princess Bread Maker

LA has got her Princess bread maker on February 11. She had made a few breads and they all tasted very good. Today she made another one after she managed to buy some special ingredients for bread making. She made a wholemeal bread with the wholemeal flour she bought from PJ. Here is the photo…