November Rain

Time flies. It’s November again. 2011 is waning and 2012 is just before the doorstep. Soon we will be greeting “Hello 2012.” There is no particular topic for this blog post but I just want to share with you one of my favorite rock song, “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses. It’s November and at…


R.I.P. Dennis M. Ritchie

A week after Steve Jobs’ passing, which had shaken the world, an equally important technology giant passed away quietly at his home on October 12. Dennis M. Ritchie was best known for inventing the C programming language and co-developing the UNIX operating system. Without his contributions, it’s hard to imagine the computers today, and our…


R.I.P. Steve Jobs

It was a shocking morning when I learned about Steve’s death from a friend’s message on my iPhone 4. Then, I confirmed the news by reading Apple’s website and Twitter on my iMac. No words can adequately express my sadness. My condolences to his family. Steve, you have been a great inspiration to me. Well,…


阔别廿余载,昨晚和老同学吴毅坚重逢一起在Movida用餐,并痛快地谈了二小时多得知其他同学的现况。原来还有很多位老同学还在本州工作,真希望能好好聚一聚。一时心血来潮,剪取自李白的《将进酒》送给友人。 君不见,黄河之水天上来,奔流到海不复回。 君不见,高堂明镜悲白发,朝如青丝暮成雪。 人生得意须尽欢,莫使金樽空对月。 与君歌一曲,请君为我侧耳听。 与尔同销万古愁。 --剪取自李白的《将进酒》。

How to detect infrared?

Infrared (IR) light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelength longer than that of visible light. Its wavelength is measured from 0.74-300 micrometers based on the astronomy division scheme. The red visible light has a wavelength within 0.63-0.74 micrometers (630-740 nanometers). Our eye can detect or see visible light with wavelength ranging from 0.38 micrometers to 0.74…

Ada and Multiple Inheritance

When developing an information system which computes real-life data, one of the most common problems a software developer may encounter is multiple inheritance. Inheritance is one of the four aspects in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). What is Object-Oriented? Object-oriented technique organizes software as collection of discrete objects incorporate with data structures and behaviors. Take a software that…

Bersih 2.0: The truth that cannot be covered

Which is the truth? The government of Malaysia has his own stories. The people of Malaysia who took part in the Bersih 2.0 rally last Saturday (July 9, 2011) have their own stories as well. True, not true. True, not true? If you are in doubt of Bersih 2.0, please check out their website at…

Bersih 2.0 Worldwide

I shed tears while watching this video. This is so damn touching.


曾国藩是中國近代政治家、军事家、理学家、文學家,清朝“中兴名臣”之一,官至武英殿大学士、两江总督。同治年間封一等毅勇侯,世袭罔替。 在维基百科读了他的史记,对他开始敬仰他。以下是他為自己立下課程十二條: 主敬:整齊嚴肅,清明在躬,如日之升。 靜坐:每日不拘何時,靜坐四刻,正位凝命,如鼎之鎮。 早起:黎明即起,醒後勿沾戀。 讀書不二:一書未完,不看他書。 讀史:念三史(指《史記》、《漢書》、《後漢書》),每日圈點十頁,雖有事不間斷。 謹言:刻刻留心,第一工夫。 養氣:氣藏丹田,無不可對人言之事。 保身:節勞、節欲、節飲食。 日知其所無:每日讀書,記錄心得語。 月無忘其所能:每月作詩文數首,以驗積理的多寡,養氣之盛否。 作字:飯後寫字半時。 夜不出門。