Fated Encounter

South western wind, chilling rain, feel like deeds supervening ’bout to institute; discerning changes await me or changed I become. ~ by Adrian Hoe, Spring 2014; inspired by Mrs. P.L. Travers It was a cloudy morning with some sun. A meeting was set the previous night so I washed and dressed up. I was running late…




Facebook App Drains Battery

Instrument is a great companion tool for iOS developers. Like the OSX Activity Monitor app , it lets you inspect CPU and memory usage on your iOS devices. I was using Instrument to check for memory leaks on one of my secret projects and I accidentally stumbled upon to discover that Facebook app drains a…

Single-Incision Laparoscopy

Medical Photography — Laparoscopy

Due to a special relationship with a client who is a laparoscopic surgeon at a private hospital, I had got the privileges to enter the operating theatre to photograph him performing laparoscopic surgery. My first exposure to medical photography was two years ago when I photographed the laparoscopic surgery for his clinic’s website. I was…