Tough Love

Dr. Sophia Yin, aged 48, one of the world’s high respected and renowned veterinary behaviorists committed suicide on Sunday September 28. You can catch her appearance in the short film Tough Love, where she talks about her life discovering positive-reinforcement training. A really interesting video to learn about training and taming your pets, especially dogs….

Sophia Yin

Another Tragic Death

I read about another tragedy of depression and suicide case on Huffington Post last Friday. A 48 year-old Dr. Sophia Yin committed suicide on Sunday September 28. She was one of the world’s highly respected and important veterinary behaviorists. Dr. Yin was a pioneer in the field of stress-free, positive-reinforcement dog training. She took her own…


Dissolve and Reboot

When a partnership does not work out as good as it should be, then it is time to make a decision to dissolve the partnership and reboot. It is really sad to reach this point when the partnership at Mind Companion has to come to an end. On October 2, I sent out an email to call for…


Launching of Amulets App

Finally! The app that I’ve been developing for the past few months has been approved and ready for sale on iTunes App Store. Amulets allows you to take photos of your Thai buddhist amulets collection and record their origins and stories so that you can take your entire collection in your pocket to showcase to…

My New Adventure

The past four weeks were very exciting but filled with emotion and sorrows. Since the inception of a new startup sometime mid June, I have been working non-stop building ideas and pulling pieces together and neglected a lot of feelings especially the feelings and needs of people surrounding me. We had two deadlines to meet. One…


Robin Williams

After visiting Cyberport (Hong Kong) in the morning, Jo, Silvia and I were on our way to visit The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and I read the news about the death of Robin Williams. According to the news, Robin committed suicide on the morning of August 11 at his home in Paradise Cay, California….

The Great Team of Mind Companion

The Great Team

Yesterday, we finally completed the StartmeupHK competition form and submitted before the deadline. The team spirit is high and we are set to meet in Hong Kong on August 8. The meeting will be the first time the team members to meet each other. What brings us together? Passion! Yes, passion it is. We all…

Emotional Metamorphosis

“Emotions are generally regarded in the mind of the Buddhist as aspects of our personality that interfere with the development of a spiritual life, as unwholesome states ethically undesirable, and roadblocks to be cleared in the battleground between reason and emotion. In keeping with this perspective emotions are described as states of agitation or imbalance.”…


Fated Encounter

South western wind, chilling rain, feel like deeds supervening ’bout to institute; discerning changes await me or changed I become. ~ by Adrian Hoe, Spring 2014; inspired by Mrs. P.L. Travers It was a cloudy morning with some sun. A meeting was set the previous night so I washed and dressed up. I was running late…