Jarvis’ March

In computational geometry, Jarvis’ march or gift wrapping algorithm is used to compute the convex hull of a given set of points. The algorithm has broad range of applications in mathematics and computer science practically in pattern recognition, image processing, statistics, geographic information system (GIS) and game theory. Convex hull or convex envelope of a…


Beautiful Mind App 2

The long awaited Beautiful Mind App 2.0 has finally arrived at the App Store. Version 1.2.3 was skipped due to a technical glitch with the App Store Review Team. This version was submitted to the App Store for review in May and it was rejected by the review team in the same month. I have…


Launching of Beautiful Mind App

Finally the app has been published on the App Store after a month of waiting. Actually, it has been approved for sales a month ago but the product section of the website wasn’t ready yet. Beautiful Mind lets you keep a journal of what influenced your mood so that you can learn about them. It…


Launching of Sneak Peek

The development of the first iOS app for Mind Companion has reached significant milestone. Most of the important features have been completed and are now in the pipeline of unit testing. We have decided to reveal a sneak peek of our first product. Check it out at Mind Companion‘s website.


Launching of Amulets App

Finally! The app that I’ve been developing for the past few months has been approved and ready for sale on iTunes App Store. Amulets allows you to take photos of your Thai buddhist amulets collection and record their origins and stories so that you can take your entire collection in your pocket to showcase to…


Facebook App Drains Battery

Instrument is a great companion tool for iOS developers. Like the OSX Activity Monitor app , it lets you inspect CPU and memory usage on your iOS devices. I was using Instrument to check for memory leaks on one of my secret projects and I accidentally stumbled upon to discover that Facebook app drains a…