A Photo That Exposed The Ugly Side of Humans

Yesterday a group of photography enthusiasts together with electronic medias dropped their hammer of judge onto the fiasco of a novice edit of a photograph (as shown in this article) which won in a Nikon photography contest. The photographer chanced upon a ladder and composed the shot. He then edited an airplane into the photo….

Single-Incision Laparoscopy

Medical Photography — Laparoscopy

Due to a special relationship with a client who is a laparoscopic surgeon at a private hospital, I had got the privileges to enter the operating theatre to photograph him performing laparoscopic surgery. My first exposure to medical photography was two years ago when I photographed the laparoscopic surgery for his clinic’s website. I was…



I activated my 500px account on November 30, 2012 but I did not upload any photographs until today. An article at PetaPixel spurred my curiosity and invited me to visit 500px again. The price for upgrading to premium account is quite steep and I am considering before the price hike on this coming  May 1….

Industrial Photography

Released the new website for a client today. This project required industrial photography to illustrate the manufacturing process and capabilities of our client. This is my first industrial photography series released so far. More of my work can be found here. Are you looking for an industrial photographer?


Activated 500px account. The quality of photos posted there is really awesome!



I joined flickr in August 2008 but have been dormant until two days ago when I decided to post my photography works. I also upgraded to “Pro” account for unlimited uploads, storage and bandwidth. Head over to my flickr and add me as your contact.


Threw in $24.95 for one year of “Pro” account subscription at flickr.

Looking for a digital camera?

I have friends who are looking for digital cameras for their casual uses or hobbies. They ask a lot of questions spanning across many brands and models. The problem is, I don’t use every brand and model. Although I am quite good with my Canon 350D, my experience based on this model does not apply…

Night view at KLCC

I passed by outside KLCC this evening and saw this magnificent view. I always wanted to take a shot of this magnificent building but did not manage to do it. This was a great opportunity but unfortunately I only had my phone (with camera) so I couldn’t get a nice picture of it. I like…

Gourmet Chocolates

I love chocolates! Recently, I craved for chocolates because of the increased brain activities. Chocolate is the favorite food while I am working on computers. Besides providing more energy for my brains, I love the way it melts in my mouth. LA has baked some chocolate cookies last week and I almost finished them. I…