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Breakup – A True Story

After a 5-kilometer run and calisthenics workout at the park last evening, I decided to go get some groceries for the week. It was around 19:45 and it was dark. I walked from the car park towards the supermarket. Passing by a cafe, I noticed a young couple sitting at a table. They were roughly…


Wind Beneath The Wings

I was inspired by an image from Alayna Kaelyn, a photographer and writer, from Seattle Washington. I downloaded her photo and designed the graphics. Then I wrote this quote for inspiration. Be the bridge between the faith and hope, be the wind beneath the wings.

I Will Remember You

Two years have gone by. How are you doing? My best wishes.

Just One Last Dance

Two years ago, today, we had one last dance and parted ways. Yes, I remember and will always remember.

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Living with Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome or Asperger’s or High-Functioning Autism (HFA) is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Unfortunately, I am such a complicated man with a brain wired as such. As an alleged high-functioning Asperger’s together with adult ADHD-PH (Hyperactivity or Impulsive type) and clinical bipolar disorder mixed-type, it’s hard to live or to have intimate relationship without…


當我看到我深愛過的女人 竟然像孩子一樣無助 這何嘗不是一種領悟 讓我把自己看清楚 我們的愛若是錯誤 願你我沒有白白受苦 若曾真心真意付出 就應該滿足 多麼痛的領悟 你曾是我的全部 只願你掙脫情的枷鎖 愛的束縛 任意追逐 別再為愛受苦 ‪#‎endofrelationship‬



Standing Man — Cтоя человека!

“No matter how hard the life ahead is, stand back up after every each time it has beaten you up. Eventually it will let you live. Stand your ground. Be persistent. Be standing man, Cтоя человека!” — Adrian Hoe, inspired by the movie Bridge of Spies, Nov 4 2015.

緣盡 (End of Fate)

緣盡 (End of Fate) 碰不到緣份並不是一件很慘的事。最慘的事就是兩個人相愛而彼此都很希望和大家一起但是發覺已經是緣盡。 接受緣盡,放下怨恨,改善當下,放眼未來。 當妳接受緣盡放下怨恨,妳會比較輕鬆和快樂。 祝妳快樂健康。 The saddest thing is not about we are unable to meet a person in fate but is when two persons were in love and hoped to be able to spend the entire lifetime together, only realize the fate has ended. Accept the end of fate and let…


無所謂,誰會愛上誰。 曾有過的幸福,是短暫的美。 錯與對,不是那麼絕對。 請原諒我所有的不對。 放過了自己,我才能高飛。 我祝願妳們倆快樂,幸福。

Version 2

Jaafar and I

“When two human beings of different culture and language meet, all they need is a sincere heart to surpass any barrier which divides them. ”  — Adrian Hoe, Feb 12, 2015 Down under. When I arrived at the Swan Hill train station in the afternoon of February 12, 2015, the air conditioner was blowing cold air with full blast. The…