I Will Remember You

Two years have gone by. How are you doing? My best wishes.

Just One Last Dance

Two years ago, today, we had one last dance and parted ways. Yes, I remember and will always remember.


Solitude Can Make You Stronger

Solitude is making me stronger each day. A year has passed, life did not break me but solitude has made me stronger each day. A woman changed me, another was the catalyst of change. My gratitude to their scarification and sufferings.



Angel & Demon — Salvation

I have been contemplating my fate lately as I live my life in vain and pain, seeking salvation abroad in foreign lands and I know that life won’t break me but the pain of believing that love is dead will. Then, she walks into my life; offers me protection, a lot of love and affection…

Version 2

Jaafar and I

“When two human beings of different culture and language meet, all they need is a sincere heart to surpass any barrier which divides them. ”  — Adrian Hoe, Feb 12, 2015 Down under. When I arrived at the Swan Hill train station in the afternoon of February 12, 2015, the air conditioner was blowing cold air with full blast. The…

My New Adventure

The past four weeks were very exciting but filled with emotion and sorrows. Since the inception of a new startup sometime mid June, I have been working non-stop building ideas and pulling pieces together and neglected a lot of feelings especially the feelings and needs of people surrounding me. We had two deadlines to meet. One…