昨晚看了「王德順–最炫東北人」在「一席」演說的視頻,才知道王德順這個人大有來頭。他不只是一位頂尖的藝術家,他可是中國的活寶。 在演講最後,他以白樺的一首詩「船」做結束語。我哭了。 我有過多次這樣的奇遇, 從天堂到地獄只在瞬息之間; 每一朵可愛、溫柔的浪花, 都成了突然崛起、隨即傾倒的高山。 每一滴海水都變臉變色, 剛剛還是那樣美麗、蔚藍; 旋渦糾纏著旋渦, 我被拋向高空又投進深淵…… 當時我甚至想到過輕生, 眼前一片苦海無邊; 放棄了希望就象放棄了舵柄, 在暴力之下只能沈默和哀嘆。 今天我才有資格嘲笑昨天的自己, 為昨天落葉似的惶恐感到羞慚; 虛度了多少年華, 船身多次被礁石撞穿…… 千萬次在大洋里撒網, 才捕獲到一點點生活的經驗, 才恍然大悟, 啊!道理原是如此淺顯: 你要航行嗎? 必然會有千妖百怪出來阻攔; 暴虐的欺凌是它們的遊戲, 製造滅亡是它們唯一的才幹。 命中注定我要常常和它們相逢, 因為我的名字叫做船; 面對強大於自身千萬倍的對手, 能援救自己的只有清醒和勇敢。 恐懼只能使自己盲目, 盲目只能誇大魔鬼的猙獰嘴臉; 也許我的樣子比它們更可怕, 當我以生命相拼,一往無前! 只要我還有一根完整的龍骨, 絕不駛進避風的港灣; 把生命放在征途上, 讓勇敢來決定道路的寬窄、長短。 我完完全全的自由了, 船頭成為埋葬它們的鐵鏟; 我在波浪中有節奏地跳躍, 就象蕩著一個巨大的鞦韆。 即使它們終於把我撕碎, 變成一些殘破的木片; 我不會沈淪,決不! 我還會在浪尖上飛旋。 後來者還會在殘片上認出我, 未來的詩人會喟然長嘆: “這裡有一個幸福的靈魂, 它曾經是一艘前進著的航船……”   當我聽到他朗誦這首詩時,我感觸到這首詩描述了三年前的我。我當時有想過輕生能否解決問題等等。那時我也寫了一篇博文–The Abyss of Depression…

Calisthenics: Street Workout – My First Videography Project

From strangers to brothers. ~ Calisthenics. Technology has made it easier to make videos with a smartphone, a tablet or a video camera. Everyone can do it but to execute the concept and bring it alive on the screen is entirely different thing and requires some creativity and skill sets.

Crying young woman

Breakup – A True Story

After a 5-kilometer run and calisthenics workout at the park last evening, I decided to go get some groceries for the week. It was around 19:45 and it was dark. I walked from the car park towards the supermarket. Passing by a cafe, I noticed a young couple sitting at a table. They were roughly…


Jarvis’ March

In computational geometry, Jarvis’ march or gift wrapping algorithm is used to compute the convex hull of a given set of points. The algorithm has broad range of applications in mathematics and computer science practically in pattern recognition, image processing, statistics, geographic information system (GIS) and game theory. Convex hull or convex envelope of a…


Wind Beneath The Wings

I was inspired by an image from Alayna Kaelyn, a photographer and writer, from Seattle Washington. I downloaded her photo and designed the graphics. Then I wrote this quote for inspiration. Be the bridge between the faith and hope, be the wind beneath the wings.

I Will Remember You

Two years have gone by. How are you doing? My best wishes.

Just One Last Dance

Two years ago, today, we had one last dance and parted ways. Yes, I remember and will always remember.


The Autumn Mist

The side effect of too much coffee: Soon you will find that place where the autumn mist will moisturize, the rain will pour, the storm will stir inside you. You will be happy there, you will be free, you will find the inspiration to love again.


Mission 1: Hong Kong

I arrived in Hong Kong on the night of June 13th. The next day, my friend took me out for a dimsum breakfast nearby his house. On the way going for breakfast! 😎 A photo posted by Adrian Hoe (@hoeadrian) on Jun 14, 2016 at 10:04am PDT     Our delicious dimsum breakfast. Dimsum for…