Crying young woman

Breakup – A True Story

After a 5-kilometer run and calisthenics workout at the park last evening, I decided to go get some groceries for the week. It was around 19:45 and it was dark. I walked from the car park towards the supermarket. Passing by a cafe, I noticed a young couple sitting at a table. They were roughly…


Jarvis’ March

In computational geometry, Jarvis’ march or gift wrapping algorithm is used to compute the convex hull of a given set of points. The algorithm has broad range of applications in mathematics and computer science practically in pattern recognition, image processing, statistics, geographic information system (GIS) and game theory. Convex hull or convex envelope of a…


Wind Beneath The Wings

I was inspired by an image from Alayna Kaelyn, a photographer and writer, from Seattle Washington. I downloaded her photo and designed the graphics. Then I wrote this quote for inspiration. Be the bridge between the faith and hope, be the wind beneath the wings.

I Will Remember You

Two years have gone by. How are you doing? My best wishes.

Just One Last Dance

Two years ago, today, we had one last dance and parted ways. Yes, I remember and will always remember.


The Autumn Mist

The side effect of too much coffee: Soon you will find that place where the autumn mist will moisturize, the rain will pour, the storm will stir inside you. You will be happy there, you will be free, you will find the inspiration to love again.


Mission 1: Hong Kong

I arrived in Hong Kong on the night of June 13th. The next day, my friend took me out for a dimsum breakfast nearby his house. On the way going for breakfast! 😎 A photo posted by Adrian Hoe (@hoeadrian) on Jun 14, 2016 at 10:04am PDT     Our delicious dimsum breakfast. Dimsum for…

No es adiós

Mi amor. No es adiós, es sólo otro inicio hasta la Hola. Extrañaba tu beso y el abrazo dulce… Y no sé por qué razón mi corazón es que falta… y creo que usted robado mi corazón… Y te estoy esperando para que usted vuelva otra vez…

The Quickening

This (trailer) video is about my journey to Australia in 2015. I traveled to 3 major cities (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) to participate in startup events and meeting entrepreneurs and investors. And I failed again big time and quite miserably. Then, I receded to focus on development and took on the feedbacks I received and…