Calisthenics: Street Workout – My First Videography Project

From strangers to brothers. ~ Calisthenics. Technology has made it easier to make videos with a smartphone, a tablet or a video camera. Everyone can do it but to execute the concept and bring it alive on the screen is entirely different thing and requires some creativity and skill sets.


Fated Encounter

South western wind, chilling rain, feel like deeds supervening ’bout to institute; discerning changes await me or changed I become. ~ by Adrian Hoe, Spring 2014; inspired by Mrs. P.L. Travers It was a cloudy morning with some sun. A meeting was set the previous night so I washed and dressed up. I was running late…




Facebook App Drains Battery

Instrument is a great companion tool for iOS developers. Like the OSX Activity Monitor app , it lets you inspect CPU and memory usage on your iOS devices. I was using Instrument to check for memory leaks on one of my secret projects and I accidentally stumbled upon to discover that Facebook app drains a…

May 5 — Skyfall

  This is the end, feel the earth move and then hear our hearts burst again. This is the moment we, Malaysians are waiting for. Today, let the skyfall, when it crumbles, we will stand tall! Today, is the electoral voting day for all Malaysians. Today, is the day we all Malaysians are longing for….


The Eve — Relaxing at home the whole day watching Facebook and Twitter streams. Received a call around 8:15PM to ask me to collect my Counting Agent pass. Rushed to the service center at downtown, collected my pass then filled up my car’s gas tank and came home. Time to retire now.


Two Days Before GE13 — No mood to work today but I still managed to finished some minor tasks and shoot some food photographs.



I activated my 500px account on November 30, 2012 but I did not upload any photographs until today. An article at PetaPixel spurred my curiosity and invited me to visit 500px again. The price for upgrading to premium account is quite steep and I am considering before the price hike on this coming  May 1….

Facebook Home

Facebook announced “Home on Android” 2 weeks ago. Facebook Home is an application which displays your Facebook updates on your Android phone’s home screen the moment you turn on your phone. It also allows you to receive and respond to your friends’ updates within any apps without switching or exiting the current app you are…


It seems like things are getting better and I am back to normal life again (hopefully). Works are piling up and I am seriously lagging behind and certainly it is time to catch up. Oh yes! With this lovely new theme, I am back to blogging again!


Snake Year — A New Beginning

What happened yesterday is going to cause many changes in the family. After over 25 years, it is time to put down the heavy burden and to have a new beginning for my family and the family business. This February, the Chinese will be celebrating the year of Snake.To some Chinese, snake always symbolizes bad,…