Crying young woman

Breakup – A True Story

After a 5-kilometer run and calisthenics workout at the park last evening, I decided to go get some groceries for the week. It was around 19:45 and it was dark. I walked from the car park towards the supermarket.

Passing by a cafe, I noticed a young couple sitting at a table. They were roughly in their early twenties. The young man was tubby but quite good looking. The young woman had shoulder-length hair and quite a beauty. She appeared to be impulsive and said to the guy, “Let’s breakup! We shall not contact each other anymore.” She got up abruptly and walked away briskly.

The young man sat there with tears running down his cheek. He did not go after her. He sat there, kind of stunned and weeping away.

“Oh dear! Another relationship breakup. I hope he will be fine.” I told myself and continued walking towards the supermarket but I turned my head around to see the young man. He just sat there motionlessly.

When I was in the supermarket shopping for groceries, thoughts and experience played in my head. “He must be driving himself here to meet up with the girl. What if his emotion influences him while driving? Oh gosh!” or “What if he commits suicide later?”… lots of what-if’s popped up in my head.

I quickly finished my shopping, paid and went back to the cafe, He was still sitting there. He covered his tear-soaked face with his palms. I could see his body shivering and weeping. I didn’t have tissue papers with me so I went into the cafe and asked the barista for some paper serviettes. I walked to the table and spoke softly, “Are you alright? If you don’t mind, I am going to sit here with you.”

He looked up at me. I passed him the paper serviettes and signaled him to dry his tears. We sat without speaking to each other for about 15 minutes and finally he said “Thanks.”

I smiled and replied, “No worries buddy.”, and I continued, “Breakup?”


“Mind to tell me what happened? Your secret will remain a secret with me.”

He paused for a while and then told me what happened to his relationship. His secret remains as a secret so I am not writing about what happened.

“I could feel the same pain which you are having now. I went through about the same thing as you do now. If you still love her, then let her go. Let her fly. If she still loves you, she may come back to you one day. The greatest love is having someone you are loving so much and knowing that she is flying out there searching for her own direction and freedom.”

“For the mistakes that you have done, regret them and leave your burden behind. Change is the best apology.”

He asked, “Will she come back if she sees me changed?”

“I don’t know. That depends on her.” I continued, “You see, you are not changing in exchange of her coming back to you. You are changing because you have realized your shortcomings and you aspire to become a better you.”

“Do you hope that she comes back to you?”, he asked.

I thought for a moment and replied, “I do. Hope is my motivation to keep improving myself. But do not let hope destroy you when it is not as you wished. Just keep improving.”

“Fitness and running can help you to calm down, free your mind and use some of your extra energies. Come to the park if you need a friend and company for some fitness. I am there almost every evening.”

I gave him my phone number, “Call me anytime if you need a friend to talk to.”

We exchanged contacts and I told him to go home and rest. I do hope that he will come to the park.

A man, and a stranger, once helped me out of the same mess I had. Without him, I might not have the chance to witness this breakup incident. If it was not him, I would not have the opportunity to do what I am doing today and write this true story. He let me see the positivity behind every negativity. He inspired me to seek the Angel inside my own Demon.

Pay it forward.