A Photo That Exposed The Ugly Side of Humans

Yesterday a group of photography enthusiasts together with electronic medias dropped their hammer of judge onto the fiasco of a novice edit of a photograph (as shown in this article) which won in a Nikon photography contest. The photographer chanced upon a ladder and composed the shot. He then edited an airplane into the photo. To get the whole picture of the story, read here.

Well, I am aware of contests and their rules. I am not sure what guidelines and rules of this particular contest, perhaps the rules were a little bit more relaxed, yes? Or perhaps the photographer ignored the rules, might be?

If the contest has rules, then it is the duty of the judge of this contest to determine the eligibility of the entries. To disqualify an entry or not is in the hand of the judge, not you, not me, not anyone else. People say, everyone and their mother becomes a judge on Facebook. Well said then. What the hell a contest needs a judge then?

Has anyone of you made an inquiry to the contest committee? What is the criteria for the judge to make this entry the winning one? Perhaps the judge knew about this poorly edited piece of work? Very well if the judge was not aware of the edit, then it was the fault of the judge to not doing their job. What use to have rules and judge(s) for a contest? The credibility of the contest organizer is to be questioned, not the photographer.

Or perhaps, the judge thought this photo made an interesting composition or theme? Or perhaps, many other entries were also heavily edited but none came closer to this that made a logically interesting piece of visual? Who knows? There are many photographers not having so much of the skill on photography but are badass photoshopper, or at least they think they are badass editors. Agreed?

On the other hand, the photographer might be novice or playful with witty imagination and had no intention to cheat, or perhaps he did not read and understand the contest rules.

Or perhaps, it was you who didn’t understand the nature and the theme of the contest?

A quick investigation at the contest’s FB page, Nikon has responded with careful and good PR to the curious public:

At Nikon, we believe that innovation and imagination are at the heart of every image. While innovation is driven by the technological advances in our devices and cameras, we see imagination as the ability to see greatness and use each and every tool at your disposal to make them real.

NikonCaptures is a casual photography contest that focuses not on the devices or props you use, but on the imagination and creativity that each photographer exudes while capturing and sharing their images. We have taken in every feedback received, and we sincerely apologise for the oversight on our part. We are now in the process of carefully revisiting the contest’s rules and regulations, for the benefit of all our current NikonCaptures members. We will update everyone of the contest rules once we have revisited all of them.

At the same time, we welcome the funny and witty entries being shared in response to our recently awarded image. It’s with joy that we acknowledge that the global photography and image community is alive and thriving. We thank you for the numerous spontaneous contributions and encourage everyone to keep the imagination alive.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.39.08 AM

What behavior that motivates this? Envy? Jealousy? Or the desire to make oneself famous by finding faults in others?

The core values of our society have been in a mess with these social media and “smartphone” around. While phone is getting smarter but people aren’t so smart nowadays. Why the hell do you ever want to bother with the result of the contest? Even if you do, you should inquire the credibility and decision of the contest, not the photographer. Oh fucking holy mackerel, it was like the whole world suddenly made this an important issue but hey, what so big a deal? What about those people who wrote on their FB wall clueing that they are going to take their own life? Have you ever paid attention and sprung into action on this?

Looking at the photo published at Nikon’s FB page, I can see the edit with my naked eyes. I don’t need the Photoshop app to lower the level of contrast to see the edit.

This photo makes an interesting composition and I enjoy it as a piece of art and wonder the synchronicity. Kudos to Yu Wei, the battered photographer, who made this photo. Kudos to Nikon for putting up words that encourage imagination to continue to thrive! Oh… one more thing! Not so much kudos to those idiots who made a blunt out of this.


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