The Journey of Bootstrapping — Startup 156 weeks: Failure And The Awakening — Week 103

It has been a long and difficult journey in my effort to bootstrap a startup. Since the realization of the failure after 79th week, we have reworked to be more focused in whatever project that we have identified to have the highest priority among other projects on our table.

So far, our focus is clear and we concentrate on only one project. The project that we are working on has entered BETA 2 and we are really excited for the coming Gold Master.

One great contributing factor to our failure was too many ideas and we were unable to digest them, not to mention about designing and developing them. The other contributing factor was that project ideas that we had conceived required substantial investment in both efforts and monetary terms.

A little too ambitious we were. We contemplated that there must be some kind of calling for every project we do and we need to find that calling as well as the focus we need.

We will know if we have the right calling and focus with our upcoming app. We shall see!