Facebook App Drains Battery

Instrument is a great companion tool for iOS developers. Like the OSX Activity Monitor app , it lets you inspect CPU and memory usage on your iOS devices.

I was using Instrument to check for memory leaks on one of my secret projects and I accidentally stumbled upon to discover that Facebook app drains a lot of battery juice with high CPU usage.

Among many apps, I use Flickr and Facebook apps very frequently so I ran the inspection on both and the result was very surprising.

While Flickr uses slightly more than 24% of CPU, Facebook uses over 80% of total CPU usage! More CPU usage uses more power.

If you need to conserve the battery of your iOS devices, avoid running your Facebook app.

Facebook has been draining a lot of people’s precious time. Its app, too, is draining a lot of electricity. Facebook is not a green social media.

Do you agree? Are you going to use less Facebook or not at all?