Single-Incision Laparoscopy

Medical Photography — Laparoscopy

Due to a special relationship with a client who is a laparoscopic surgeon at a private hospital, I had got the privileges to enter the operating theatre to photograph him performing laparoscopic surgery.

My first exposure to medical photography was two years ago when I photographed the laparoscopic surgery for his clinic’s website. I was thrilled and hoped for more opportunities to photograph the entire process of laparoscopic surgery. I missed the chance last year because I was out of town during a laparoscopy workshop. This year, another chance came by in March and I was able to spare three days to photograph the entire workshop again.

The main idea of this medical photography project is to educate people on how laparoscopy is done and the simplicity compared to conventional open surgery. To learn more about laparoscopy and the benefits, check out my client’s website.

I have created a Laparoscopy Group at Flickr and you can view my work here.