Voter Process - Version 2

Process Flowchart — Vote Casting Process for Voters

As a voter, polling and counting agent during this GE13, I have observed and studied the processes in the polling station. The SPR (EC or Electoral Commission) did not have clear and definitive guidelines and the execution by their officials and staffs were not standardized. In fact, the execution was extremely unorganized. It created confusions among voters, contesting parties, NGOs and volunteers, leading to the likelihood of electoral frauds. Electoral frauds are not unknown in Malaysian’s elections. In fact, the various irregularities in the process of voting, which the authorities have failed to address for the past decades, have resulted in more and more severe manipulations by certain parties.

To fight or to limit these electoral frauds to the minimum, one way is to study, document and understand the processes then increase awareness through public education.

I have initiated a project to document the polling processes and it can be found and checked out at You can also view or download the pdf.

Do feel free to contribute or scrutinize if you find some processes are missing or incorrect.

Does it help you to understand the vote casting process?