Our Princess Bread Maker is dead!

WTF! It is only about one month old and LA had only baked 3 loafs of bread and the spinners was dead! She got it on February 11. Read here. She discovered that this morning when she was trying to bake a loaf of bread for her mother and all of us.

We chose Princess among other brands like Kenwood and Sharp. We chose Princess because it was better (solid) built (and look nicer) and the pan was bigger. But it is so fragile and of low quality. It is dead for just one month and baked 3 loafs!

I will send the unit back for warranty claim this afternoon. I will demand a new unit swap. No repair is acceptable by my standard.

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  1. amon ra
    amon ra 10 years ago .

    :) Long Live The Bread! Aiye my friend, buy the product not because of its look lah. Get the ultra expensive one, as long as it is durable and high in quality.

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  3. Adrian Hoe
    Adrian Hoe 10 years ago .

    Well, the Princess is supposed a well established brand, at least in Europe. And it is a little pricey compared to other brands like Kenwood. But the price is worth it in terms of the capacity.

    We choose Princess because its build is strong and solid and also its capacity. And it is also versatile. It can bake cake other than bread!

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  5. ranjit singh
    ranjit singh 9 years ago .

    i am lost my instruction book on how to make bread in my princess breadmaker

  6. kbenteh
    kbenteh 9 years ago .


    Are you referring to the Princess Silver bread maker? You can actually search the website for the manual and keep a copy in your PC.
    Most brands of electrical equipments now have copies of their manuals posted to their websites. I have in the past managed to locate missing manuals.

  7. OCean
    OCean 8 years ago .

    Brought Princess Breadmaker… this year should be 4month ago, using just one week… the engine not function. and the lid keep coming out when time to make a dough.. It very keep me busy had to look at the time the dough is working.

  8. Adrian Hoe

    Latest Update: Our Princess bread maker is really dead now. We did not use it very much so I think the quality really sucks. If you are looking for a bread maker, don’t buy Princess, according to our experience. After sales service is bad too.

  9. lily fairuz
    lily fairuz 5 years ago .

    i am so sad. just bought Pricess Bread Maker last week. I used it only for one time and now dead already. totall lost…

  10. Adrian Hoe

    Hi Lily,

    I’m feel sorry to hear about your new Princess Bread Maker. If my memory serves me correctly and things are remaining unchanged, you can send in to Pensonic Service Center for warranty claim. Or perhaps you should return and ask for money back. I heard Kenwood’s is not bad but we haven’t bought another bread maker since our Princess was dead.

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