Why Kanbun Sensei leaving China so soon?

My research effort about Uechi-Ryu has been gaining some momentum and one interesting fact I found out together with my students about Kanbun Sensei is that, why Kanbun Sensei left China so soon?

The research has sparkled from an unrecorded fact which was told by mouth. We gathered quite some materials which indicated some speculations and deviation from what I already knew of. Kanbun Sensei might have more than one teacher while he was in Fuzhou.

I have established many theories why Kanbun Sensei left China in a hurry. But this information cannot be published at this moment because it can affect the family honor of the Uechi’s descendants as well as shaking the Uechi-Ryu community. All these can come down with a simple question, why Kanbun Sensei left China?

My research is gaining more interesting facts and I am planning to go deeper into it.

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  1. BM
    BM 10 years ago .

    There are a lot of untold stories about the early masters and most of them due to the old virtue of 隐恶扬善。

  2. Adrian Hoe
    Adrian Hoe 10 years ago .

    Indeed, master tries to cover his teacher’s fault while enforcing strict rules on his students. What a paradox!

  3. Zhang Wei
    Zhang Wei 10 years ago .

    I searched the web and most (in fact all) the websites mentioned he misapplied a technique and accidentally killed a man. I don’t believe he “misapplied” a technique and “accidentally” killed a man. It is hard to believe on this fact. If this fact is true, then his teacher was to be blamed for no proper guidance on the deadly technique.

    I strongly believe the old virtue “隐恶扬善” has covered up the true fact of this man.


  4. Adrian Hoe
    Adrian Hoe 10 years ago .

    There are many possibilities for a wide speculation. To prove a speculation to be correct is very difficult, but it is easy for a lot of people to start thinking wild just base on a simple question.

  5. 龙
    10 years ago .

    He could be a fugitive as he had killed a man.

    I doubt he “accidentally” killed a man. As a foreign martial artist and was able to open a dojo in China after 10 years of training, he must have some self-control and was very aware of dangerous techniques and his ability to inflict injuries or death. Why had he not controlled his technique? Was he a victorious man?

    More questions to ponder now.

  6. Adrian Hoe
    Adrian Hoe 10 years ago .

    And that’s why he formulated 5 strict dojo kun after he returned to Okinawa and founded Uechi-Ryu? So strict that anyone who violates any one of the five will be expelled! Has he not thought of his previous case? Another questions to ponder. :)

  7. Allison
    Allison 10 years ago .

    Well, perhaps his teacher Shuu Sensei had also formulated some similar kun/rules which are believed to be the reference of the 5 strict dojo kun. It is also possible that Kanbun Sensei was expelled by his teacher for violating the kun, in the case.

    And I agree with 龙, since he had killed a man, he was also found guilty in the law. By right he should be sanctioned for his deed but somehow he escaped from the law enforcement? Hmm… good question to ponder.

  8. Allison
    Allison 10 years ago .

    Whether he was victorious or not, try to think in his shoes. It is not easy for a foreigner to be able to open a dojo in China and teach Chinese martial art. It is unavoidable to have some “green-eyed monsters” making trouble for him. When someone challenged him, psychologically the first thing came to his mind is that he must not lose, for the sake of his own as well as his dojo’s reputation. It could be his eagerness to win and settle the fight as soon as possible and hence “misapplied” the deadly technique that killed the person. Just a speculation, no offense.

  9. CJ
    CJ 10 years ago .

    You people are so disrespect to Kanbun Sensei!

  10. Adrian Hoe
    Adrian Hoe 10 years ago .

    Hi CJ,

    No one is disrespectful to Kanbun Sensei. In fact, there were questions from people asking what happened to Kanbun Sensei after he killed the man? What do you think the answer supposed to be?

    So, if people (or a student) asks, “What happened to Kanbun Sensei after he killed the man?” What will be your answer? Have you ever thought of it? I think even children know that a man who has killed has to be punished. Can you just tell the kids, “Oh… he fled China and went back to Okinawa”?

    My (our) research maybe able to help clear the name of Uechi family. As the matter of fact, does the Uechi family know what really happened then?

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