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  1. TJ
    TJ 10 years ago .

    Looks like a huntsman spider. All spiders bite but this guy is not bad.

  2. Meaghan
    Meaghan 10 years ago .

    That is actually false. Not all spiders bite. In fact, most spiders cannot bite because their fangs are too small, and human skin is too thick and too strong.
    However, this spider could probably bite, though I imgaine only if you were harassing it.

    Meaghan Pimsler
    Cornell University Entomology Department

  3. Leah Mcphail
    Leah Mcphail 8 years ago .

    Found this guy in my laundry room. I freaked I have never seen a spider that big. Too bad I didn’t know he was harmless.

  4. tj
    tj 8 years ago .

    correction… all spiders must bite or they cannot eat… not all spiders bite people as their fangs are too small as stated.

  5. jason
    jason 8 years ago .

    good thing i found this pic, i saw one last night and the wife wanted to know if they are venomous.

  6. Bryan.k
    Bryan.k 8 years ago .

    my wife freaked out last night as she was taking the dog out and two of these spiders ran into my house.they reminded me of camel spiders when i was in Iraq.needles to say i had to kill them so my wife would stop yelling at me.I’m in Okinawa on kadena ab never a dull moment lol

  7. Adrian Hoe

    Oh dear! It’s harmless… :(

  8. Lilu
    Lilu 8 years ago .

    It’s a beautiful 4am morning and I step into the bathroom, here on Kadena AB.


    My first response is to KILL. KILL IT WITH FIRE. I grab a cup and a giant bottle of aloe vera. You are getting out of my house one way or another, friend.

    He vanishes on me.

    I spazz. I can’t sleep. What if it gets me D=!

    Then I look it up and the little guy is harmless. Oh. Alrighty. Let’s be bff’s, mister spider. I’ll get you outside before you starve if you show up again. That cool? Cool.

  9. Kelli
    Kelli 7 years ago .

    Yea we just found one of these spiders in my home on Mc T…we did not know it was harmless and I am terrifide of spiders so my husband killed it…I will make an agreement with the spiders…if they stay outside, they can eat all the annoying bugs they want but if they are indoors, THEY DIE!!! Sorry…I am all about being respectful to nature but in this case it is survival of the fittest and if the spider wants to rumble I am ready!!

  10. Marie
    Marie 7 years ago .

    The Biggest #$$@^@#$% Spider was in our house!!!! He was as big as my palm. He was just taking a walk while I was sitting on the couch. The dogs saw him first and then my husband. When the dogs started to go for him he jumped. That caused me to scream and then he jumped again. That caused me to scream again and that caused him to jump, which caused me to scream. I proceeded to crawl over the back of the couch, screaming, spider jumping. Chris killed him with the magic black bottle of death and then his work boot! Thank God for my Hubby! We too live on KAFB

  11. adam
    adam 7 years ago .

    i was up early this morning cleaning due to a newborn as it may be, baby in his rack in the living room as i can keep an eye and let my wife sleep for a bit and as i go into the bed room ill be dammend if this giant ass spider wasent chilling in his crib right where his head usualy rests. And at that it was the most brazin spider ive ever encounter before dam thing just wouldent budge and was definatly not afarid for sure, i have no idea how it got in the house but it was abou the size of the bottom of a coffee cup a bit bigger ended up having to play hockey with it was afraid it was poisenous ( bad speller) but dident want to kill it, stateside we usualy have a rose haird trantuala running lose in the house for its harmless and eats all the bugs. that or a praying mantis which ever is more easily obtained atm

  12. Kris
    Kris 7 years ago .

    I live in Uruma and i have these in my house all of the time. I am terrified of them. I know they are harmless but it just doesnt matter. When my husband was deployed i had one the size of my hand in my closet. Its sad when a spider is “only the size of the bottom of a coffee mug” I dont know how they get in but my neighbor has them too. I never find small spiders only giant ones. If anyone knows how to keep them out I’d be the happiest person EVER. Ive tried spraying around the doors and windows with raid on a weekly basis but that doesnt keep them out. I probably find 2 giants in my house a month. If anyone has ANY way to keep them out id be happy to try it.

  13. SallyQ
    SallyQ 6 years ago .

    I have discovered my second giant spider here Uruma City, OKinawa. First was taken outside by my hubby. But this time, hubby is in Philippines. OMG! Even though they are harmless, I am ridiculously, shamefully scared of spiders.
    What do I do to prevent them from coming inside my house? My windows have nets, is there a spray to spray around the windows?
    Please help!

  14. Jennifer
    Jennifer 6 years ago .

    Wondering the same as Sally & Kris.. I have a two year old & just won’t be able to handle my lil one (or myself) suffering from a bite.. I posted a video of me spraying one outside my home.. But this am one was inside my home here in Uruma City.. I am pretty much petrified because they are massive (to me) very fast & THEY BITE!!??!??! Where is the spray to rid of them?? I will purchase a year supply!!! I NEVER want to see another in my home again

  15. Adrian Hoe

    No, this brown spider does not bite. They keep pest like flies and mosquitoes away from your house.

  16. MIKE
    MIKE 6 years ago .

    Thank you for the fond memories of the spider of my childhood growing up on Okinawa during the 1960s – some are much larger!

  17. Adrian Hoe

    @MIKE, I’m glad that you’re having great reminiscence of your childhood.

  18. Samantha
    Samantha 6 years ago .

    I live in VA and just killed one of these gigantic spiders behind my bed tonight I didnt know we had these here I have seen them in the house before but didnt know what they were til i found it here sorry he had to die he was freaking BIG

  19. Adrian Hoe

    @Samantha: Poor spidey. :(

  20. MC
    MC 6 years ago .

    So grateful to find out they’re harmless! They still terrify me. God they’re fast and big! I’m more afraid of my toddler grabbing one and trying to eat it. LOL. Thank you for putting my mind at ease about dying from one of these guys! (I’m a coward, I know.)

  21. chris
    chris 6 years ago .

    I woke up with one of these things on my chest this morning. After slapping it away to the floor I grabbed my workboot (I wear size 13) and proceeded to smash the huge thing. After I pulled my boot up the spider hurriedly scurried off on its 2 undamaged legs. Its scared me half to death until I found this site, he was probably just coming in to take a bite out of the little bugs that roam the barraks rooms. Things are tough though!

  22. william
    william 5 years ago .

    Well it’s Sept 2012 here in Okinawa City, and even though I live in a beautiful and relativeely new apartment, and haven’t seen one of these creatures from the abyss in the 5 years I have been here, this past month encountered two. One my wife came across in the bathroom on the sink which required me to leap out of bed and come to the rescue and kill it, and then two weeks later I came upon the next one in another bedroom on the floor just “staring” at me, not moving. After putting on shoes (not normally worn here), grabbing the duty paper towell roll and the Raid, I proceeded to make a mess of the floor and some other items near by while trying to KILL it, as the only thing the spray did was make it wet, and encourage it to scurry off a bit. And me with a heart condition. If not dangerous why are they so frigging big and ugly?!!! If I had a hand gun I probably would have tried to shoot it. Sorry spider lovers BUT give me a break!

  23. Adrian Hoe

    “Human cannot co-exist with others on this planet.” It is so unfortunate that this saying is so true. This shows that human is so tiny and fragile and weak and paranoia, so ignorant that they go the way of killing other animals in order to survive themselves. So selfish.

    William, you should give all creatures a break. Start to know them and save them. It is time not to be ignorant and selfish.

  24. Taleah
    Taleah 5 years ago .

    I live near Camp Courtney, off base, and it seems like my building is infested with insects of all kinds. But I refuse to share my home with a HUGE spider the size of my hand despite how useful it could be. Spiders plant eggs which turn into new baby spiders which leaves my house SPIDER CENTRAL. With the hubby deployed it is only me in this house with that huge spider just walking around in my house like he pays rent here. I just saw it my my laundry room and the next time I see him he must die. It is just to big for me to sleep comfy at night. Does anyone know if I can import some insecticide to the island?

  25. Spiders everywhere!
    Spiders everywhere! 5 years ago .

    I currently live in Shima in Mie prefecture and I’m HOPING this is what was in my house for the past three days. It lived behind my fridge after it dashed out from between my kitchen sink and the fridge wall and stayed back there for two days until I saw it this afternoon and tried to spray it with a bottle of kabi killer (aka prolly pure bleach). It dropped back behind the fridge, and after a friend sent me what was supposed to be a humorously taunting tale of giant spiders who watch you sleep and come after you in Japan, I go to open my door, and there it is, just like in the account, at my door, waiting for me. It came after me. It took several hours, a near panic attack, and probably half a bottle of kabi killer but I got ‘im after seeing him just dance in the stuff and then smashed it with an empty water bottle. These little brutes are TOUGH, and I hope to god I never ever have another in the house ever again or I’m really going to have to move. I’ll be requesting tomorrow that the owners of the building spray the heck out of the perimeter and anywhere else they suggest to keep them out. Harmless or not, those little buggers remember when you try and fail at coming after them, and they come back for you, so don’t miss if you’re gonna take ’em out, folks!

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