Air bubble in my eye

The air bubble in my eye has disappeared. I last saw it last evening. It was the size of a small sago. My doctor said the bubble would be completely dissolved in 2 months. Yesterday was just exactly 2 months after my surgery!

Yipe, I can fly now. But I will wait for another week or 2, if I want to fly, to make sure the bubble is completely dissolved. That’s the good news but I have another bad news. I am gradually developing cataract. My vision is blur like looking out the car windshield in the rain.

Anyway, I kind of miss the air bubble in my eye. I have used to see the air bubble wobbling in my eye whenever I make a move. One positive improvement is that my vision is clearer now even driving at night and I will not have dizziness when I walk and turn around shopping for groceries. The diffracted light and the moving air bubble would make the image wobble when I made a move or turn suddenly. Without the air bubble, I feel like normal again.

Good bye air bubble!

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  1. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    Adrian; it is saturday feveruary 2 and the eye is really calming down; everything is really clearing more so i think that it is a good sign it is going away. The swimming pool one has calmed down alot and the bubbles are white now and tiny; I do have a blinker though like a contact lens but that is really tiny now. I can’t wait til this is finished; i will let you know; Barb. :) I cannot believe all the change this is doing; i would love to tape this for you tube; the bubble show; it is pretty; i just don’t like the swimming and wobbling the doc said it is in my eye and will go away; not stay there permanently; i just need to be patient; but everything is very tiny now and clear. How did yours go; did you have an air bubble; hope to hear from you again soon.

  2. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    well; adrian february 8 and it finally completely broke up this morning! I am very happy to see that but now all the bubbles will probably take a bit to go away. The whole bubble completely broke up today and everything is clearing up in my eye! I am very happy this has been a long awaiting time; 3 months today! Happy Chinese New Year! I will let you know when it is all gone! :) This is so cool I thought I would always have this air bubble; but since it is breaking up it won’t go back together; whew now i can relax knowing that it is finally going! Have a great day! Thank you for your support Adrian; hope everyone else that is going through this will be fine and their bubbles will go away; it just breaks up when it is ready; i did get steroid eye drops; ask your surgeon about them everyone; it does help speed it up; Zylet! The surgeon gave me free samples; and it works! It breaks up the bubble! Hope everyone has a great recovery; this is a nightmare seeing everything swimming 24/7; take care everyone hope you will get better all of you! :) Barb

  3. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    Hi Adrian; it is saturday february 9 and vision is clearing up as well as the swimming is slowing up; I believe i am seeing the bubbles that are forming back fading; so this is great. I am finally seeing the ending phase of the bubbles. It has taken so long and really frustrating time; 3 months and 2 days til they started fading and clearing; wow; i am really going to celebrate when they are completely gone; i guess there were several bubbles. It broke down alot. Thanks for your support. Let you know when they are completely gone! Everything dried up! This has been an unusual experience too.

  4. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    well everyone! 3 months and 4 days! It completely broke my air bubble! I am seeing a beautiful show of bubbles! Hope you all are doing well; this has been a rough road trying to see 24/7 sometimes it would keep swimming and swimming; I know what everyone is going through I support you all! Avastin surgery is rough to recover from but you will make it. I did not even watch tv some nights because the bubbles are fun to watch. God bless you all in the recovery time! :) :) :)

  5. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    bubble report: It changed in texture and it has slowed up alot in swimming; clearing up and then coming back; i want this to completely be gone; i just need to be patient and not dwell on it so much; since it has broken up more bubbles some days i feel as if it won’t go away but i know that it will since it is changing all the time. Hope everyone is doing well! I nicknamed myself bubblicious! :) Have a great day everyone; you will hear me yell when it is completely GONE!

  6. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    well down to one bubble blinker left! I am getting used to the bubbles but will be VERY HAPPY WHEN THEY ARE ALL GONE!!! Down to one stubborn blinker; that is finally breaking up as I speak; this has been a ROUGH ROAD! Hope everyone is okay with their eyes. Barb.

  7. Adrian Hoe
    Adrian Hoe 10 years ago .

    Great! Good to hear they are gone. Take care.

  8. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    thanks adrian; i just need to see it all clear up; but am glad that it is fially squashed! I guess it will take a while for everything to dry up! Yep they are crushed now the final show is beginning! Thanks for your support Adrian! :) Take care and keep in touch

  9. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    hi again adrian; well the big bubble finally broke into several little ones! My husband saw that last night! YEAH! More reassurance; thanks for your support; it is going! YEAH: That stupid bubble! Barb

  10. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    hi adrian; it is now 3 months going on 4 lots of small bubbles; it took a long time to finally get to this point; then thos are gone and the swimming is finally slowing up; this is wonderful to watch; but the bubble is finally breaking up! I am relieved. this has been a really rough road; hope you are doing well. Still not gone but is smaller and broken up into several bubbles; what a sight! :)

  11. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    Hi Adrian: 4 months now and finally they are shrinking! Started getting pressure relief from them swimming tonight; it took a while but they are starting to get clearer and smaller. Thanks for helping me through this too and I talked to my RS they said yes that they are breaking up; but it may take a while to be completely gone; I am just happy they are crushing and shrinking; I am not sure what I am going to do with myself when they are gone; i am going to miss the bubbles! I cannot believe this is finally happening; hope you are doing well Adrian. :)

  12. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    Hi Adrian; how are you; still confused; i still have the bubble; but my retinal surgeon says floater. THey still think that it is an air bubble floater is that possible? Thanks; They seem to say that I am seeing bubbles breaking up into smaller bubbles. I guess they are confused too. I do see some spots but they look more like bubbles still; they said if it is breaking up it is going away eventually. TTYS; I did hear from your wife from time to time. Tell her Hi! Hope you are doing well too; did your bubble go away?

  13. Adrian Hoe
    Adrian Hoe 10 years ago .

    Hi Barbara,

    Nice to hear from you again.

    The air bubbles in my eye have long gone as I wrote in my post entry. They all had disappeared within two months after my surgery. That was about two years ago.

    Your doctor should be able to confirm your condition by looking into your eye with some instrument.

    Your case is very different from mine so I am not able to tell you anything and furthermore, I am not a doctor. Please check with your doctor.

    Hope all are in best health.

  14. Barbara
    Barbara 10 years ago .

    HI: Thanks; i already did; he said i have a small floater; but i also see a bubble that is getting lighter all the time. There is no retinal tear; i did have vitreous hemorrhaging and he said that if it is breaking up all the time then it is going away. I am glad yours is gone; but he did say i have a small floater in my eye. I do see fluid so i think i still have an air bubble; i did see the opthalmologist and he said yes it will clear up; he saw it moving around in his scope. Today, it seems to be clearing up like liquid. But; i also have a floater. Not fun; but getting used to it. Keep hoping for me that this will all clear up in time; they said some floaters do go away not all of them but some do. :)

  15. Sally Chamberlain
    Sally Chamberlain 9 years ago .

    Dear Adrian,

    My 81 year old husband just had a cataract operation in Marrakech, Morocco, where we live.

    Two days after the operation, a bubble appeared in his.

    The Moroccan doctor says it is completely normal and it will go away – is this correct? I am very concerned. Please help!

    Many thanks,

  16. Adrian Hoe

    Hi Sally,

    Your husband’s air bubble is not in the eyeball. Do not worry too much. The air bubble will be absorbed in no time. I believe your doctor has assured you that.

    I am not a medical doctor so I am not in the position to give you any medical advice. But I can tell you my experience. My air bubble was injected with a purpose. Read

    I wish your husband a speedy recovery.

  17. Sally Chamberlain
    Sally Chamberlain 9 years ago .

    Thank you so much, Adrian.

    In fact the doctor barely speaks English and does not like answering questions, which is why I am on the internet!

    There was no bubble in my husband’s eye when he first returned from the hospital – it only appeared there after two days.

    Do you have any idea what may have caused it?

    I’m very relieved to hear that it isn’t dangerous!

    Many thanks,

  18. Adrian Hoe

    As I said, I am not a medical doctor and I am not in position to give any advice.

    But you mentioned that the bubble appeared two days after the surgery. That may ring a bell as the opening is not properly closed and some air has sneaked in. But this is only my suspicion. Perhaps you may want to take your husband to see another doctor just to make sure that he is safe.

    I hope all well.

  19. taylah
    taylah 9 years ago .

    my mum has a bubble on her eye its massvie. for a couple of days she was saying her eye was sore
    and now there is a bubble and the rest of her i is red could she have a type of diasse ?? shes getting it checked tomorro

  20. Adrian Hoe


    I hope your mum is well. Happy New Year 2009.

  21. Adriene
    Adriene 9 years ago .

    I was diagnosed with a fluid bubble in my right eye, which is distorting my vision, I can’t see from the middle to the upper side of the eye.
    I didn’t receive any treatment so far, because I was to a public clinic…
    Any ideea if there is any possible treatment, or surgery available somewhere?

    I would appreciate all the sugestions.

  22. Adrian Hoe

    Dear Adriene,

    I am unable to give you medical advise and I don’t know doctors at your area. I am sorry.

    But I wish you all the best and you will soon regain your vision.

    My suggestion is to talk to as many doctor as you can to find out what is the best treatment for you.

    Good luck.

  23. vanessa Hughes
    vanessa Hughes 9 years ago .

    Hii I was after some confirmation of how long you need to keep your head down after having the bubble inserted. My mum has had one last week, the surgeon told her a week, the leaflet says 2 weeks. Would you know the answer to that please?

  24. Adrian Hoe

    My doctor told me 10 days. I guess 2 weeks will be the maximum. Laying down on just one side of the body for whole day for a week is not easy and comfortable.

    The most important thing is to make sure the retina has re-attached with the help of the air bubble(s).

    Get a lot of soft pillows for support. Get out of bed for a 5 minute sitting, walking (slowly) after every one hour of laying down in the day time. Your mom needs some good massage.

    I wish your mom a speedy recovery.

  25. Ruth
    Ruth 9 years ago .

    My son had surgery the first of May. We were told over and over it was no big deal. He had a torn retna and they put a buckle on his eye and froze the tears. after 10 days the doctor said he could go back to school. 3 weeks later he was having another surgery. This time he had the gas bubble put in. Again, no big deal. We are suppose to go to Florida in a week. We are driving because he can’t fly. But I’m not sure about the mountains we would have to cross (the height). And now that I have read some blogs and the horror stories people have. Im scared for him to do anything but lay around. Could some one right back to me and let me know what to do.

  26. Adrian Hoe

    The best advice is to stay at home and rest, lots of rest.

    Change of altitude will cause the gas in his eye to expand. When the gas expands, the pressure in his eye will increase. The pressure will do harm to his eye. If you will imagine a balloon is expanding and pop!

    I just had another similar surgery a week ago on my left eye. I had similar one three years ago on the right.

    How old is your son?

    I wish him a good recovery.

  27. Donna
    Donna 8 years ago .

    My mom just a partial cornea transplant (DSEK) with an air bubble that did not stay in place. She also had an IOL implanted in the anterior chamber in front of the iris between it and the cornea that he put a what he thought was a small hole in the iris to keep the pressure from building up from the lens that he says is maybe where the air bubble went though he can hardly think so but he’s willing to do it again and sew it up some to make it smaller to try to keep it from happening again but he’s really afraid it’s leaking around the lens and going out through the pupil. Since all of this she’s seeing a big black spot seemingly in front of her eye which he says may be the air bubble that will go away in time if that’s what it is and not the detached piece of her cornea. We’re in the throes of trying to decide what to do. So glad to have found all ya’ll if ya have any ideas. Thanks!

  28. Adrian Hoe


    Your mom has a different condition. I wish her all the best and happy recovery.

  29. Horacio Hsiang

    Oh! Wow its actually a comic and jockey YouTube video posted here. thanks for sharing it.

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