與其在家坐以待斃地等奇蹟出現,不如赴京救國。此舉不但能教育吾兒愛國精神,不怕強權,也能讓吾兒有個引以為榮的父親,向朋友同學說道:「瞧!這是我爸。當年他和成千上萬的馬來西亞人赴京衛國。」 當然,吾不是要兒驕傲。若要吾兒深明大義,這可是第一步,來日方長。


Stir-fried Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions Recipe

Ever since I started to enjoy cooking (and having fun in the kitchen, hey I’m #maninthekitchen #havingfuninthekitchen), I tried to cook something new when my imagination continued from hyper focusing at work. Today, my taste buds just told me to have some beef for high protein intake for my workout challenge. No recipe, no consulting…


Beach Run

I always imagined how it’s like running on a beach. This evening I decided to head to the beach at Pantai Puteri, Tanjung Kling. Many years ago, there wasn’t beach here, the beach was man-made. I used Apple Map to measure the distance of the beach and it was like 4.2km two ways. The sand was…


夏草問寒 望驥悲傷

夏至風問柳飄逸,望月宵愁愁更愁。 草坡無處覓良駒,驥欲疆野尋佰樂。 問鬱感何須自作,悲痛奈何秋苦憶。 寒冬淚痕隨風去,傷逝春來君不再。 賀文耀2015乙未年夏至夜提。   (Image source: Horse Talk)


“Hey, Monkey!”

Last night, I dreamed of my first girlfriend, Julie. She came and sat on my bedside then said: “Hey Monkey! I heard you and please don’t be sad. Yes, I was still very much in love with you and I wished to continue our relationship. But it’s our destiny not to be together and it’s…

Australia’s First Health Startup Weekend in Brisbane

Here is the wrap-up video of Australia’s First Startup Weekend for Health in Brisbane on March 27-29, 2015. I was there to pitch my startup idea. It was not a successful pitch but I learned so much and met a bunch of very beautiful and smart people at the event.


Angel & Demon

I have been contemplating my fate lately as I live my life in vain and pain, seeking salvation abroad in foreign lands and I know that life won’t break me but the pain of believing that love is dead will. Then, she walks into my life; offers me protection, a lot of love and affection…

Version 2

Jaafar and I

“When two human beings of different culture and language meet, all they need is a sincere heart to surpass any barrier which divides them. ”  — Adrian Hoe, Feb 12, 2015 Down under. When I arrived at the Swan Hill train station in the afternoon of February 12, 2015, the air conditioner was blowing cold air with full blast. The…


Launching of Beautiful Mind App

Finally the app has been published on the App Store after a month of waiting. Actually, it has been approved for sales a month ago but the product section of the website wasn’t ready yet. Beautiful Mind lets you keep a journal of what influenced your mood so that you can learn about them. It…


Launching of Sneak Peek

The development of the first iOS app for Mind Companion has reached significant milestone. Most of the important features have been completed and are now in the pipeline of unit testing. We have decided to reveal a sneak peek of our first product. Check it out at Mind Companion‘s website.

Tough Love

Dr. Sophia Yin, aged 48, one of the world’s high respected and renowned veterinary behaviorists committed suicide on Sunday September 28. You can catch her appearance in the short film Tough Love, where she talks about her life discovering positive-reinforcement training. A really interesting video to learn about training and taming your pets, especially dogs….