Hi! I am Adrian.

A software architect and developer with extensive experience in developing mission critical software for both enterprise and military applications. A researcher, a strategist, a thinker and a doer.

Truly an Apple fanboy, lover of Ada (programming language) and occasionally blogger. I spend most of my time hacking things together. Some work, some founder, but it is part of the game. When I'm not at the computer, I enjoy bicycling, swimming, walking and photography.

Mind Companion

Building Startup

I am building a startup called Mind Companion which aims to combine mobile technology with affective computing and emotional intelligence to tackle the emotional downturns that each one of us potentially faces.
iOS Applications Development

Software Development

I turn ideas into apps. In addition to developing iOS apps, I also design RESTful architectures and develop server-side applications on OSX, Solaris and Linux.
Idea Churning

Idea Churning

With my extensive experience across a multitude of different industries, I am able to brainstorm your ideas into designs and finally end-products.

Let's get started

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